River Trails Section 6


Rock Island Dam to Wanapum Dam

(Section 6)



Length of this water section: 37 miles
Lake formed behind Wanapum Dam: Lake Wanapum
Dams completed: Rock Island - 1933; Wanapum - 1963


Landscape: This section starts off much as the last one ended. But that changes as Crescent Bar approaches and large basalt cliffs begin rising straight from the water’s edge. The spectacular views and the feeling of being in an isolated gorge continue to Vantage and beyond.

Put in: Yo Yo Rock boat ramp
Take out: Wanapum Dam launch or Wanapum Recreation Area
Elevation drop: From 613 to 571 feet above sea level
Water character: Flat

Navigation tips: Similar to other river sections, the wind can be brutal, particularly in the wide open area north and south of Vantage. Take heed as even power boats sometimes get swamped by the waves.

Navigation links: Wind conditions - River flow; Link 1 - Link 2

Paddler on-river facilities (north to south on river):

  • YoYo Rock (Tarpiscan): (Mile 34, west shore): Boat ramp
  • Crescent Bar (Mile 24, east shore): Campground, RVs, boat ramp, toilet, store
  • Sunland (Mile 14, east shore): Boat ramp, toilet
  • Frenchman Coulee (Mile 8, east shore): Boat ramp, toilet
  • Rocky Coulee (Mile 6, west shore): Campground, toilet
  • Vantage/Kittitas County (Mile 5, west shore): Boat ramp, toilet, store
  • Sand Hollow (Mile 4, east shore): Camping
  • Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park (Mile 2, west shore): Campground, boat ramp, toilet
  • Wanapum Recreation Area (Mile 2, west shore): Campground, boat ramp, Toilet
  • Wanapum Dam Upper Launch (Mile 0, east shore): Boat ramp, toilet
  • Wanapum Dam Lower Launch (Mile 0, east shore): Boat ramp, toilet

Places to eat/drink: Crescent Bar on the river is a resort with a restaurant, bar, store, golf course and condos.

Other lodging: Quincy, located about 10 miles east of Crescent Bar on Highway 28, has accommodations. Crescent Bar also has condos for rent

If you have a vehicle: From May through early September, The Gorge amphitheater south of Quincy attracts some of the biggest musical acts in the world. The Quincy area also is home to several wineries and tasting rooms.

Links of interest: Wanapum Heritage Center | Wanapum Dam | Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park | Vantage - Quincy Chamber of Commerce
| Gorge Amphitheater | Sunland Estates | Crescent Bar | Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club | Rock Island Dam

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