Sample 2017 Application


Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club offers an annual membership, beginning on January 1 and ending December 31 each calendar year. The club is open to all, subject to safety considerations.

Members receive unlimited access to our boathouses for storage, dock, club-owned boats, paddles, oars, and safety gear, as well as all club activities and events.

Members A member can bring along a guest while using the club facilities and boats but not for more than three times a year for any one guest; provided the guest is signed out with a Liability Release and supervised by the member.

Dues are $100 per year for Individual Memberships and $150 per year for Family Memberships.
New memberships pay an initial Joining Fee of $100 in addition to the Annual Dues. Dues are to be renewed each December.

The club offers a one-time Temporary Membership for people who will be in the area for three months or less. The fee for Temporary Membership will be $75. An initial joining fee will not be required.

Annual Student Memberships are available for students 18 and older up to a maximum of two years. The fee is $75 and no joining fee is required. A photocopy of the individual's student identification is required with the application.

Lapsed Memberships
Memberships which lapse for more than three years without use of Club facilities will be required to pay the initial joining fee in addition to the annual fee.

Boat Storage
Visit the Our Boathouses page. Boats not entitled to storage in the Lindston Barn can be stored, providing space is available, in the Club's second boathouse, "The Annex", located west of the Linden Street parking lot.. The fee is $85 per boat in either boathouse. Oversized boats requiring more than one slip space will be charged a higher fee. To inquire about space, please email our Facilities Committee,

To pay for Club memberships and boat storage fees, first download this application form. It can be filled out on your computing device after opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader, or your can print it and fill it out manually. When you've completed the form (both pages), make sure both pages are signed, and mail, together with your check, to WRPC, P.O. Box 3925, Wenatchee, WA 98807-3925.

Renewing member application forms are also available on the doors of the Barn boathouse and inside the Annex boathouse. You may send your completed application with the appropriate check to P.O. Box 3925, Wenatchee, Wa., 98807; or you may deposit the application form and check in the drop box located in the mid-level of the barn boathouse under the stairwell.

For more information about New Memberships or Renewals, please contact our Welcoming Manager Susan Collaer,