Museum Partnership

Youth on the Columbia is a collaborative effort between the Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club and the Wenatchee Valley Cultural Center & Museum. Each contributes a key component, some of which overlaps. The museum largely oversees the educational and historic aspects, while the row and paddle club provides the "river experience" for students.

The club and the museum jointly apply for grants to fund the program. They also share organizational and planning duties.

Without each other, the program wouldn't exist, say organizers.

More than 100 volunteers from the club and museum will help out during the 25-day event in spring 2015. Club members are responsible for staffing the activities at Wenatchee Confluence State Park, including the canoe trips on the Columbia River each day. Museum volunteers will pitch in with the exhibits and hands-on activities at the museum and lend a hand at the educational stations at the state park. About 1,800 students are slated to participate in the spring.

In fall 2015, another 300 students from East Wenatchee will take part in the program, using Big Bow Pond in Rock Island for their canoe trips.

"Without the paddle club, it wouldn't be what it is," says Selina Danko, the museum's education coordinator.

Skip Johnson, Past President of Row & Paddle, concurred.

"We couldn't do it without them," Johnson said of the museum.