When it comes to paddling, the club is mostly geared toward recreationalists but we do offer programs for competitive paddlers of all ages. We also emphasize fellowship and working together toward common goals within the club.

Paddling is ideal for young and old alike. "It's a great way to get aerobics and stretching and strength-training all in the same exercise," says longtime paddler Skip Johnson of Wenatchee. "There are very few exercises that provide that opportunity."

If you are new to the sport, the club has instructors who will provide one-on-one help. There are no scheduled sessions, so interested parties should contact club officials to set up a lesson. It typically takes up to five lessons before novices are ready to go solo on the river.

Each Tuesday morning, several club members get together for an informal paddle that is ideal for the new paddler. The group goes at a slower pace and offers tips for those new. For more info, contact Kim George at

"When you factor in the currents, weather and seasons, every day is different out on the river," George says.