Club Membership

club membership

The Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. We operate by the direction of a committed Board of Volunteers. A person becomes a member of this club by:


  • Reading, understanding, and accepting the terms and conditions contained in the Policy section,
  • Agreeing to be bound by the dues and fees policies, as they exist now or may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors, and
  • Paying the initial one-time membership fee and the annual dues as established by the Board of Directors.


Use this link connecting you to a two-page Membership Application/Renewal form, which you may then print, complete and mail with payment to the address provided on the form.

Membership is annual, running from the beginning to the end of each calendar year. Membership and participation in the Club activities are open to all persons otherwise qualified regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or national origin. (Subject to safety considerations for age and experience.)

Membership privileges include the opportunity to participate in all Club activities, access to the boathouse, use of club floating dock, use of club boats, and club mailings.

Dues and Fees

Dues for membership in the Club are $100 per year for Individual membership and $150 per year for Family membership. New memberships pay an initial joining fee of $100 in addition to the annual fee. The membership and boat storage year runs from January 1 to December 31. Dues are to be renewed each December. Dues are prorated only after October 1 of each year and then the amount required is one-half of the normal amount.

Temporary Memberships
Temporary memberships may be allowed on a one-time basis for individuals who are temporarily in the area. An initial joining fee will not be required. The fee for temporary membership will be $75 and length of membership shall not exceed three months.

Lapsed Memberships
Memberships which lapse for more than three years will be required to pay the initial joining fee in addition to the annual fee.

Storage - Usage
Rules about assignment of a storage slip and usage requirements to maintain the assignment are contained in a separate policy statement, the Lindstrom Barn Storage Policy, below. Boats not entitled to storage in the Lindstrom Barn shall be stored in the Club Annex. There shall be no more than one boat per slip space in the Annex. The fee shall be $85 for the first boat stored in the Annex. Additional boats owned by the member may be stored in the Annex for $85 per boat. Oversize boats requiring more than one slip space will be charged a higher fee. The Facilities Committee is designated by the Board of Directors to make decisions within the discretion provided by the policies. Regarding a slip assignment contact the Committee at

Any member may permit an individual guest to accompany him/her in use of club facilities, including boats, not more than three times per year as to any one guest; provided, the guest is signed out and supervised by the member.

Failure to Pay Dues/Storage
In the event a person fails to pay dues for membership, his/her name will be taken off the mailing list and he/she loses all rights of membership. If a membership lapses, however, and is later renewed, the one-time initial fee is not required again to renew membership. Membership dues must be paid to qualify a person for consideration for a boat space or to have an actual boat space. Any money paid goes first to membership dues and then to fees for space. Storage fees are the same regardless of the time of year paid and entitle storage to the end of the calendar year.

If a person who has a boat space in the boat house fails to timely pay storage fees, he/she shall be sent by certified mail one reminder notice entitled Notice of Forfeiture of Space to the last address provided to the Club. The reminder notice will state, among other things, the amount owed plus a $10 late fee and that if the defaulting person does not make full payment of the amount owed including the late fee by 15 days from the date of the notice, his/her space rights will be automatically forfeited. If the default is not cured in full by the time specified in the Notice of Forfeiture of Space, the boat of the defaulting person will be removed by the Club from the slip it has occupied and the next person qualified for that space will have the right to occupy the space forfeited.

After a boat has been removed by the Club from its slip because of nonpayment, the Club will store the boat in question and give the owner notice to recover the boat and advise how to do so. If the owner fails to recover the boat within thirty days of the date of the notice to recover, the Club shall have a lien against the boat for all costs incurred by the Club for removal and storage (which it is agreed will be twice the normal amount of space rent) plus any costs of sale. The boat may then be sold and this lien may be foreclosed according to the procedure set out in Chapter 60.10 RCW Personal Property Liens--Summary Foreclosure.

Where WRPC Boats May Be Used
Club boats shall not be transported away from the immediate vicinity of the boathouse, i.e. they shall not be carried by vehicle to some other location, without the prior written approval of the Board.    Club boats may be paddled/rowed to any place attainable from the boathouse but may only be used in other waters with prior approval of the Board for use in club sponsored regattas, for example.  

Revised November 2014