Greetings, Paddling/Rowing Enthusiast!  We’ve had a great year in the club.  We’ve had a full year of boating-related work with the club, both on and off the water.  Hopefully everyone has had a chance to use our new dock.  We’ve also added some new boats this year, and hopefully many of you have had the opportunity to try those out as well.  We’re continuing to look for other boats to keep our club fleet fresh.

Larry Tobiska spearheaded the effort to get signs on the building.  I’ve heard many comments about how nice they look.  They make the boathouse look great and they let people know who we are and how they can contact the club.

The board has been working behind the scenes to create new openings for eventually expanding our boathouse.  We are continuing in that vein and have plans to follow through into 2008.  Mike Kaputa and I also attended the Comprehensive Chelan County Parks Commission Planning meetings and got our club listed in the plan.  This will allow us to apply for several grants in the future when we’re closer to getting approval for expansion.  The board is seeking new ways to network into the community more to build a broad base of club support.

In 2007 we added a few new club-sponsored activities.  We’ve gotten good feedback on those new events, all of which were noncompetitive.  We’re adding a few new events to continue in this vein.  Please refer to the events section of this newsletter for more details.  We’re still going to keep a few competitive events that we’ve traditionally had, such as the Apple Capital and Guano Rocks.

I’d like to thank all the members of our club for their continued support.  I’m looking forward to spending quality time on the water this coming year.  I hope to see you out there.

Mike Bills

President, WRPC


Several board members’ terms expired this year and new board members were elected at the general membership meeting.  Please welcome Stacie Hoiland (who graciously agreed to be secretary as well)  and Skip Johnson.  UPCOMING 2008 EVENTS

2008 Events:

For those hardy souls who want to start the new year right.  Just show up at the boathouse on New Years Day at 8:30 a.m. and have a fun paddle with like-minded individuals.  Everybody welcome.


Polish your kayak rolling skills in the warm water environment of Eastmont Pool.  If interested, call Dave Jaecks at 662-6773 or Kyle Flick at 782-1044.


Paddle the pleasant final 18 miles of Washington’s longest creek which features an abundance of water birds, a few stray cows, a strip of riverine habitat surrounded by sagebrush, and one short Class II drop which may result in a refreshing swim.  Call Dave Jaecks with any questions, 662-6773.


This event begins at Walla Walla Park at 9 a.m. You may choose to race in the shorter course, approximately seven miles, or you can choose the longer course of approximately 14 miles.  You may also choose to tour rather than race.  Call Tom Feil with any questions, 884-3765.


Experience the last free-flowing stretch of the Columbia River preserved due to the presence of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation along the west bank.  The full reach is 33 miles and overnight camping is restricted so we will do a manageable portion of the reach as a day trip.  Class I.  Call Dave Jaecks with any questions, 662-6773.


Rendezvous at the boathouse and be ready to leave at 9 a.m.  Mark Behler from the Wenatchee Valley Museum accompanies us on a paddle down the Columbia River to the site of an old Spanish castle.   We may stop at other points along the way to view pictographs or proceed further downstream than the Spanish castle site.  Bring your own food and water.  Call Mike Bills with any questions, 662-4272.


This is a noncompetitive event which begins at 8 a.m. at the boathouse.  Each participant guesses how long it will take to paddle up around the Odebashion Bridge and back.  Refreshments will be served after the event.  Call Loraine Jaecks with any questions, 662-6773.


This is a noncompetitive event.  Hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, and drinks will be provided.  Side dishes are potluck and they can be dropped off at Lincoln Rock State park prior to proceeding to the 9 a.m. put-in at Orondo River Park (about a mile past Orondo Elementary School of SR97) at 9 a.m.  Plan to rendezvous at 8:45 at Lincoln Rock.  Everybody is welcome.  Call Stacie Hoiland with any questions, 670-7276.


Thirty miles, all downstream, two-day paddle in sea kayaks or canoes with an overnight primitive camp en route.  Much of the west bank is in a scenic natural state with basalt cliffs and sagebrush-covered hills unchanged since David Thompson saw it in 1811 as the first European paddler.  Some club boats may be available for use.  Call Dave Jaecks with any questions, 662-6773.


This annual event begins at Lincoln Rock State Park and goes out around Guano Rocks and back.  You may tour the course at your own pace or you may race the course. Launch will be at 9 a.m. and snacks will be provided after the event.  Call Larry Tobiska with any questions, 662-3209.


Midweek Paddle, September 18

Four paddlers took up the challenge and paddled the 15-mile trip from Bebee Park to Daroga Park on a fine September day.  We spent about four hours on the river including a lunch break.  By Dave Jaecks.

Guano Rocks, September 23

Larry Tobiska                                               43.29                           Scull

Tom Feil/Ron Snyder                                     46.50                           OC-2

Isak Gasi                                                       52.47                           C-1

Glen Frese                                                     55.31                           Kayak

Vitek Stroky                                                  61.13                           Scull

Kelly Beebe                                                  63.25                           Sea kayak

Kathleen Koos/Susan Valaas                        68.02                           OC-2 (touring)

       How many years have we done this?  I don’t know.  But every year it is a fresh, challenging experience.

A person may experience this event on different levels.  It can be a race in which you can exhaust yourself trying to finish sooner than another person or to make a personal best.  The latter is what I did this year since Shaun Koos beat himself up on a more demanding event the day before and participated only as the starter/photographer/timer.  (Thanks, Shaun.)

You know, rowing shells are generally faster than kayaks or surf skis but it all depends on who is paddling/rowing and the level of fitness and determination they have.  So it is always interesting to see what shakes out.

Another level on which this event can be enjoyed is the noncompetitive “let’s take pictures and see the sights and get some exercise” level.  This was what my friend and first-year rower, Vitek Stroky, did.  To his credit, he completed the event in a Maas 24 even though it is his first year rowing.

Tom Feil and Ron Snyder were strong as usual in a double.  The inexorable Isak Gasi enjoyed the flat water in that amazing high kneel canoe.  Every year Glen Frese gets better and better – always inspiring the rest of us.  Kelly Beebe, also a newcomer to the club, had a great time in a kayak, and Kathleen Koos and Susan Valaas had a little problem with the “wait a minute weeds” they picked up around Guano Rocks.

A good day, a good group, and a good time!  Join us next year, September 28, for the Guano Rocks Regatta.  By Larry Tobiska.

Rock Island to Vantage Paddle, September 29-30

Despite a weather forecast which predicted 100 percent chance of rain for September 30, four of us launched from an obscure spot at Columbia Siding in Douglas County.  (The launch below Rock Island Dam is not open.)  Beautiful conditions prevailed and we stopped at the pictographs (very faint) and Spanish Castle.  Lenticular clouds promised a change in the weather and a few miles below Crescent Bar our smooth water conditions were transformed to whitecaps and strong headwinds.  We retreated to Tekison Creek and set up camp—and on September 30 paddled the remaining 18 miles or so in a steady rain.  Shore stops were minimal because of the rain.  Freeman and Allan retrieved the truck from Vantage State Park and rescued Loraine and I at the Vantage Town Boat Launch.  The trip would be a fine one in good weather.  By Dave Jaecks.

Membership Dues

Please be sure to mail in your membership renewal before January 31, 2008.  Even if you just joined part way through 2007, you’ll have to renew your dues now.  The renewal form is in the link on this site that says Membership Form, and can be mailed to WRPC, P. O. Box 3925, Wenatchee, WA  98807.